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Gentle Butterfly Phlebotomy Services

Fast, Simple, So Exciting

Earlier than an ultrasound and more accurate than a urine test, our gender prediction test easily helps expectant parents determine their child’s gender. You’ll know if you’re having a boy or girl weeks to months ahead of schedule, so you can prepare for your little one and share with family and friends.

The SneakPeek baby gender predictor is the perfect way for expectant parents to get a head start on their gender reveal party, decorate their baby girl or boy’s room early, or feel more connected to their baby during pregnancy. Learn your baby’s gender today!

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Sneak Peek Mobile Service Areas

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Why It's Worth It!

  • Allows parents to connect with their baby
  • Gives parent the chance to prepare early
  • Parents receive results in 24 hours from appointment
  • Can be done in the comfort of your home
  • More accurate than ultrasound
  • Guaranteed accurate results or we pay for it!